Helping Children Reach Their Full Potential

Ayudando A Los Niños A Alcanzar Su Máximo Potencial

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We provide various therapeutic care services to meet the specific needs of your child.

At Magical Kids Therapy, you will be happy to know that we offer a wide range of therapeutic services that benefit your child’s condition. Our treatment results have been excellent with many children who suffer from Speech delay, Attention/Hyperactivity, and Autism or have problems with school (learning, writing, reading, and behavior). To determine if your child is having difficulty in any of the above or related areas, a speech, language, or occupational therapy evaluation will help identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses. After the therapist evaluates your child, a treatment plan is designed according to his or her individual needs.

Speech and Occupational delays can be a fundamental obstacle hindering your child’s academic success. We have such a high respect for parents who never give up on their children. YOU, moms and dads, make all the difference. We support you and we hope that your children can get better through therapy. Our role is to perform the treatment necessary to give your children the opportunity to achieve their goals, to reach their full potential, and to live a quality life in their future.

Has your pediatrician recommended therapy for your child? Please get in touch with us to discuss how to comprehensively address your little one’s care needs.